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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Such language!

I got an email from Dad last night and boy was he worked up! He has finally caught up to the 21st century and ditched the dial-up internet connection at his house. Since there are 2 computers at his place, (his & hers), both needed upgrades before the DSL and wireless connections could be implemented. He was getting some computer geek help from someone at his church.

The dial-up has been cut, the DSL installed and the wailing and gnashing of teeth has begun as he figures out all the differences in the new methods and connections. Dad's a long-time AOL user and all his internet favorites, email addresses and links reside someplace in AOhell and he is having to find all the things that aren't in their usual places.

I'm pretty certain that he will get it sorted out in pretty short order. And I assured him that some frustration with new technology was to be expected. I also promised him that there is a whole bunch of the internet that he has been missing that will be opened up now that he has a fatter interweb connection pipe coming into the house.

Plus Carol won't miss any more incoming phone calls while he is surfing the web!

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